BMW X5 location

The BMW X5 location, only 350 meters from Martinet (where the ONF witness supposedly saw this car)


The location where the ONF witness supposedly saw the BMW X5 (right hand drive) can be deduced from the ‘Alex’ video. The corner/bend can be seen at 15m18s into the Alex video. And can be pinpointed as being only 350 meters from Martinet

BBC (ONF, witness of X5):
Alex (driving down the Combe d’Ire):
Google (Streetview):
Non-Elucidé (Vinneman, Police):

The LOCATION is only 350 meters from Martinet, which is 1 minute with a car. As the ONF witness stated that the motor biker just had pulled into Martinet, and the BMW X5 was speeding towards Martinet, we can deduce that the motor biker and the BMW X5 were only separated by 1 minute!

In my latest scenario, this X5 is in fact SAH. SAH on his first visit to Martinet (around 14h50), this to get a lot of details aligned. Read more here

Size: 1348 × 505

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