Saad al-Hilli went to Martinet TWICE (scenario based on location last photo)




As this was the LAST photo (info BFMTV) and previous photo(s) supposedly had been taken at the flower house in Arnand/Doussard there is only ONE conclusion. SAH went from flower house (Arnand) to this ‘last photo’ location on Route du Moulin, so he went UP(!) the route du Moulin (direction Combe d’Ire and Martinet parking).

From this ‘last photo’ location up route du Moulin it is IMPOSSIBLE to pass the last house in Chevaline where the mason Laurent saw SAH going UP the Combe d’Ire (source1, source2). So how did SAH drive from the ‘last picture’ location to Laurent?? Imho IMPOSSIBLE. In intial reports it was said that the mason Laurent gave a time of 14h40 for seeing SAH passing (“Quand une BMW s’approche. Une plaque anglaise. Laurent ne reconnaît pas l’homme qui conduit. Il y a une petite fille assise à l’avant, à ses côtés. Et deux adultes à l’arrière. Deux femmes, semble-t-il. Il est 14h40 ce mercredi 5 septembre.” source). Which is in stark contrast with the 15h15 pictures and the 15h35 shooting. But … not if SAH did visit Martinet TWICE!

So … SAH did visit Martinet TWICE!

– The first time they drove directly from the camping to Martinet, passing the last house in Chevaline and mason Laurent (14h40)
– Close to Martinet they were spotted by ONF1
ONF1 mistook SAH’s BMW for a BMW X5. He reported seeing only 1 driver. He simply OVERLOOKED Zainab, the 7yr small kid who was in front!
– SAH arrived at Martinet
– The motorbiker (who was seen by ONF1 just a few minutes before) was still there I guess
– The motorbiker did NOT kill SAH’s … this would imply that SAH was not the target
– As there was nothing much to see, SAH and family returned
– They went back over route du Moulin to Arnand (so they did not pass Laurent again)
– There they started to take the 15h15 pictures (flower house Arnand)
Then SAH or Zainab or another of the family discovered they had forgotten something at Martinet. E.g. a ‘cuddly toy’
So the family decided to RETURN TO MARTINET, over route du Moulin
– They stopped one last time to take the ‘last picture’
– And then drove to Martinet
– Upon arrival Zainab and SAH got out of the car to retrieve the ‘cuddly toy’
– In the mean time SM arrived on his bike
– And the motorbiker X came forward and started shooting SM
– SAH tried to escape (nearly succeeded)
– But SAH got stuck
– And all were killed (as witnesses)
– X must have been baffled by SAH’s second arrival, because how could X know SAH was going to Martinet TWICE

Above scenario resolves the following:

– the 14h40 timestamp (Laurent)
– the route of SAH (route du Moulin)
– the time sequence of the last photo’s
– the fact that only SAH and Zainab got out of the car (no intention for a walk)
– the X5(!) … this was simply SAH’s BMW(!)
– ONF1 and ONF2 not reporting seeing SM/SAH … because ONF1/2 where there much earlier

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